The China Powerway Alloy raw materials, ballpoint pens Association Committee 2016 annual joint meeting of parts and equipment

In October 20, 2016, sponsored by the association of Chinese PowerwayAlloy pen pen, raw materials, parts and equipment committee 2016 annual joint conference held at the Dongqian Lake in Ningbo. Chinese pens Association chairman Wang Shuqin, vice chairman of the association of Wu Shaoping and related leaders, representatives of universities, India CRI Sureka, President of BEIFA, Chen Guang, and other well-known domestic enterprises effective leadership on behalf of more than 100 people attended the meeting. Powerway Alloy President Zhang Ming attended the meeting and delivered the opening speech.

The arrival of President Zhang Ming on behalf of Powerwayalloy participants of the leadership, and representatives of the guests to express my sincere thanks and warm welcome. Always adhere to the development of Powerwayalloy alloy materials and manufacture of highend line, Zhang mentioned at the meeting, whether the supply side reforms, or the realization of the 2025 China manufacturing, material is the base to produce highquality products, but also the food industry, materials like human hematopoietic stem cells, through continuous innovation for delivery of blood the development of industry, realize the transfer from low-end to high end value chain. He hopes to Powerwayalloy as a force instrument industry progress contribution, also hope that t-hrough this meeting, to promote mutual understanding between each other, in order to achieve win-win cooperation, and jointly promote the pen industry bigger and stronger, development and upgrade.

Marketing Director Song Yi proposed Powerway alloy material, equipment design, ink, three factors are written key processing, high strength and wear resistance, corrosion resistance is a key element of written materials, and introduces the development history of Powerway alloy and written special material available in the market situation and future development direction.

China pen association director Wang Shuqin, put forward the further specific requirements of the pens Association subordinate Specialized Committee. At the same time, the development of new materials Powerwayalloy for many years in the pen industry, leading the development of the industry's contribution to give the full affirmation and encouragement.

China pens Association vice chairman Wu Shaoping, on the economic operation of China pen industry in 2016 1-8 month of data shows that on the international market Chinese pen exports were analyzed, and calls for more pens enterprises participated in the proceedings, hope China pens enterprises to unite and jointly safeguard the interests of the pen industry, for the benefit of pen industry.

After the meeting, the participants to the black group building and alloy Binhai factory visit, automated production line of Powerway alloy and the advanced production equipment to give a high evaluation.

It is reported that the theme of the conference is: Chinese pen high-end manufacturing transformation, innovation and seize the theme of opportunity. Through technical exchange and sharing, combined with the analysis of pen international market import and export, open up new ideas for the development of innovative pen enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of instrument industry.