Let us "run for love"

On April 22, 2018, 60 singles and men joined together to participate in the “Direct Run for Love” City-Orientated Challenge Competition organized by the Party Committee of the Group and three other companies. This event was also the first ever since the establishment of the “Song of Youth” of the Single Youth Club of the Group. One offline activity.


The activity first eliminated the shyness and mischief that people met each other for the first time through ice-breaking games. Afterwards, the whole game was divided into 6 groups to receive their respective task cards. The team worked together to complete the tasks in each session, and the punching place had room to escape and the table was closed. Touring, mass-marketing KTV, private cinema, etc., allow single men and women to strengthen communication and enhance mutual understanding during the competition.


The event finally achieved very good results. There was a pair of confession on the spot and three pairs of numbers were selected. More single men and women expressed that they would contact privately after further activities.