The "small visitor" activity in summer vacation

In the summer vacation, "little birds", with their longing for the holidays, came to Ningbo to share a good time with their parents. In order to let the children spend a full and meaningful holiday, the group Party committee carefully planned a wonderful activity to enrich the children's summer life.


On the day of the July 19th event, the teachers of the Ningbo University Park library brought a hands-on robot course for all of us, with three children working together, looking at drawings, looking for parts, and building small robots. After dining in the group dining hall, the children watched the children's movie bull adventure. The funny story made the children laugh. In the afternoon, everyone came to the Yinzhou District Heritage Museum to watch and feel the charm of Yinzhou. In the course of the visit, the children also chose the "nonlegacy" project of his own interest. Some made fragrant bags, some made clay sculptures and some bamboo fans... Under the guidance of the nonlegacy inheritors, a fine art of art. Born in the hands of children, through activities to enable children to feel the charm of heritage culture and traditional handicrafts.