Ningbo "Ruyi Cup" forklift competition

On the morning of June 23, Ningbo “Ruyi Cup” forklift driver professional skill contest started as scheduled, and 45 forklift drivers from the “sea election” of hundreds of forklift drivers in all counties and cities in the city formed 15 teams to compete for “ "Forklift King", staged a forklift version of "speed and passion" in the Ninghai County Convention and Exhibition Center Plaza.


The event was very lively and the competition was fierce. The masters from all over the world engaged in forklift work showed their magical powers and made full use of the superb technical level. The audience cheered from time to time. After nearly five hours of fierce competition, the Bozhou Alloy team won the second prize of the team. Shi Quan and Peng Shugao won the third place respectively and Luo Xiankun won the individual prize. This is inseparable from their hard work and hard work.