Powerway Alloy organization project staff outing barbecue

April 23, 2017, the Beverly Alloy Human Resources Department organized the project reform personnel to Dongqian Lake ten miles four incense outing.

9:00, the bus carrying more than 30 employees from the Yunlong factory, toward the ten miles of incense, 9:30 arrived smoothly, we arranged a good team into the scenic order, ten miles four incense, including Yangshan Village, West Village, East Village, Green wild village four ecological humanities village, scenic climate warm and humid, abundant rainfall, surrounded by mountains, Qingxi wear village, the natural ecological environment is excellent, the regional conditions are superior. 11:00 We are in the barbecue destination Qiqi pastoral collection, Qiqi pastoral to seasonal vegetables, fruit cultivation as the main body to "leisure, labor, harvest" as the main thrust, scenic fresh air, pleasant climate, highlight the beauty of nature.

Barbecue scene, we have a clear division of labor, it was vegetables, some spices, some people barbecue food, ten minutes after eating their own baked individual food, talk about life, gossip anecdotes, enjoyable

The event provides the project staff with a chance to relax, so