Powerway group organizational third quarter new employees to expand.

The third quarter of November 25, 2017,  Powerway group new staff development training in the end. Through a day's expansion project, let each other from unfamiliar to familiarity, from an excellent individual to a good team.

25 early in the morning we sent to the bus will expand the base wine base in Hengxi rock, Xianju has a beautiful natural environment, but also let us look forward to is full of mystery and development projects, all divided into two group "planet team" and "team of team", start the PK race, from NG, Da Vinci challenges password, grid escape, to speed 60 seconds, each end of the project, the coach inspired to think and summary.

There is an ancient Chinese saying, "a fence three piles, a good man and three groups." The strength of the team is always infinite. Brothers in arms, the benefit payments! Team strength can not be estimated, then, a small team, how to play the greatest energy? "Power grid escape" project gives a wonderful answer, that is cohesion.

The best people don't have to be the best, but the best people together must be the best teams. Inner power team cohesion from team members consciously, from consensus values, through the project challenges, players understand each other's differences, the establishment of effective communication mode, in under the guidance of coach Liu, learn to conflict positive for creative team to reduce friction, fade, condensed depth of the centripetal force of ownership.

"Fast 60 seconds" project, let the players learn to open all resources, share and feedback from each other, accept different opinions and opinions, and cultivate a team atmosphere of trust and acceptance. Just one day's training, let everyone take a deep experience, bring the sense of harvest into the future work, better integrate into the team and become the most powerful part of the team.