Boviet "challenge self, smelting team" outdoor expansion

On November 26, 2017, Human Resources Section of Beauvite Corporation organized representatives of the Chinese and Vietnamese management teams to participate in outdoor expansion training. Some 40 people came to Shanjingying, a cultural village of various ethnic groups in Shanxi, Vietnam and Vietnam.

All the participants in the grass of Jingjing Camp are divided into 4 groups with the names of "Yunhong Team", "Emergency Unit", "Dream Team" and "First Team", each team has its own Slogan Group cooperation game Invincible Hot Wheels kicked off the expansion of the prelude, the members of the use of scrap newspapers and tape to make a can accommodate all the members of the large closed ring, the ring up team members stand on to the ring walking Rolling the big ring, and finally "dream team" by virtue of good teamwork ability to victory, cultivating members unity, planning, organization, coordination and enhance mutual trust and understanding among team members. After passing "Hula Hoops", "Crazy Design" and "Kangaroo Jump", the "Dream Team" took over the victories of all the games and the manufacturing vice president always gave everyone a small gift for the company. The atmosphere of the team burned to the extreme, although everyone has been grunting, but still enthusiastic.

After a morning group-building activity, we conducted a self-service barbecue with everyone in collaboration and visited the National Cultural Village for further in-depth understanding of Vietnamese national culture and exploring the cultural characteristics of Vietnamese minorities.

The purpose of this promotion is to inspire management cadres to maintain a fast, short, direct and effective style of work, carry forward the spirit of "stare and fight", enhance the ability of cross-departmental cooperation and communication, and build an outstanding team to continuously enhance team cohesion.