Powerway alloy plate held a standardized knowledge contest

Recently, in order to continue the standardization management of enterprises, test the implementation effect of standardization of employees, continue to improve the high standard operation of the enterprise, implement the standardization in all aspects of production and strictly guarantee the high quality products, Broadway Alloy Strip Company held the standardization knowledge Contest.


Nearly 60 employees participated in the competition. Participate in the five teams were from the semi-continuous casting, horizontal continuous casting furnace operators to produce each. The event also invited the Group Operations Center Deputy Director and Manufacturing Management Project PMO, as the special guest of the contest.

Live competition is divided into must answer questions, answer questions, risk questions three links. At the same time, the site also set the audience to "answer the scene" part of the standardization of knowledge and safety knowledge level competition.


The atmosphere of the competition was lively and the participants were full of energy. The audience kept cheering on the contestants from time to time. In particular, during the rush-to-answer session, the contest reached a climax. Every team member energetically strove to seize the answers, cheers, screams and Warm applause came one after another, a wave after wave. After many rounds of fierce competition, the team headed by Tao Jinlong, Lei Yong, and Shi Huifeng won the championship with a total score of 250.