Powerway is enthusiastic in helping construct the Community Health Service Station

On June 19th Powerway President Mr. Xie Shicai made a special trip to Lijiakeng Village, Zhangshui Town to observe construction of the local Commumity Health Service Station. Lijiakeng is a small village of only 900 people with inconvenient traffic, a poor economy, poverty and sickness. It therefore had difficulty building a Community Health Service Station there by itself.

Considering this situation, Powerway donated 100,000RMB to Lijiakeng to help build a service station of 130 sqm that requires a total investment of 350,000RMB. It is now in the decoration phase and is expected to be completed in early July. The investment into and operation of the health service station will create a better environment for locals and gradually alleviate their medical difficulties.