Powerway Alloy participates in the Hannover Messe

From April 23 to April 27, 2018, Powerway Alloys to participate in the Hannover Messe, Germany. As a representative of China's high-end alloy material companies, this event was attended by major media.


At the exhibition, the high-strength, high-conductivity chrome-zirconium-copper-copper strip products innovatively developed by Powerway Alloy were widely praised by customers both at home and abroad. The high-strength, high-conductivity, chromium-zirconium-copper strip products can meet the demand for high-speed fast charging of smart vehicles; the high-strength medium-conductivity copper-nickel-silicon-silicon strip products are one of the three major suppliers in the world and meet the high-end alloy material solutions required for future development of customers; Precision lead frame materials provide protection for the rapid development of the smart home industry.


For Chinese manufacturing industry, the Hannover Messe is more like a "mirror" reflecting the face of "Made in China": it is a state-level technology company that rivals the world's giants. It is in the upper reaches of the industrial chain and emphasizes technological innovation. As an pioneer in innovation, Wein Alloy has been leading the industry development with technological innovation. "Make smarter manufacturing" creates a world-class enterprise.