Zhejiang University professors visited Quzhou to encourage students to start a business

Source: Ningbo Daily, 

On the morning of May 7th, 2018, Liang Shude, former Party Secretary of Zhejiang University, led a member of the Zhejiang University Professor Association to inspect the talented people in Chenzhou. Dozens of senior professors visited the Powerway Group, Lijia Village and Yunlong Town, and the Southern Business District. They learned about the talent development situation in Yinzhou from the introduction of highly sophisticated talents and the cultivation of local talents.


Focusing on the economic development trend and corporate technological innovation, in the Powerway Group, Liang Shude and his party listened to the introduction of scientific research and innovation of the company, inspected the high-performance alloy materials developed by the Powerway Group, and applied this material to high-speed rail ships, construction machinery and other fields. Apply advice and advice. It is reported that in the past few years, Powerway Group has recruited a group of scientific research talents from overseas engineers and Zhejiang University and other famous universities. It has successfully developed more than 30 projects and won 37 national authorized patents, becoming a non-ferrous alloy strip and bar industry. Leading company.


As the largest central business district in the province, the Southern Business District has more than 3,000 companies stationed and gathers important industries such as international trade, advertising creativity, and scientific and technological information. It has attracted 122 master's or higher academic qualifications and 71 senior professional titles. .