Academician Pan Fusheng and his party visited the Powerway Group

Recently, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,  Pan Fusheng led a seven-person delegation to the Powerway Group.


The head of the Organization Department of the District Committee, Chen Jienong, and other leaders accompanied the inspection.

Chairman of the Powerway Group, Xie Shicai, and Vice President Yu Yingqi, comrades at the Poway Building, received the reception of Pan Yuanshi and his party. At Powerway Group Exhibition Hall, Group Chairman Xie Zhicai and Vice President Yu Yingqi respectively introduced the Powerway Group company profile to Academician pan.


The development of the industry, and the focus of the introduction of innovation and innovation in the field of new alloy materials of the Powerway Group. Academician pan  as an expert in the field of alloy materials, especially in the field of research and application of magnesium alloys, has made great contributions. He highly praised  Powerway's current research and development and innovation in the field of new alloy materials. The materials have been praised for high-end applications in many industries and expressed their appreciation for  Powerway's exploration of cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and in-depth discussion of related technologies with Powerway.