Powerway Alloy participates in two forums, innovative materials to help technology development

PowerwayAlloy debuted at the Industry Fair, and the wonderful speech was well received.

On September 19, 2019, the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society, and SMM jointly held the theme conference of “China Industry Fair New Materials Forum – 2019 China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum”. As a representative company, Powerway Alloy attended the forum. Dr. Tang Ning from PowerwayAlloy R&D Center gave a keynote speech on “High-end Alloy Materials to Promote Technological Progress in the Automotive Industry”.


PowerwayAlloy brings new materials and famous enterprises to jointly promote the new development of 5G technology

On September 21st, the China 5G Base Station Device and Materials Forum and Supply and Demand Matching Conference, hosted by the Material Search® and 5G Industry Technology Alliance, was successfully concluded. PowerwayAlloy was invited as a partner. "China 5G Base Station Device and Materials Forum and Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meeting", Mr. Zheng Shaofeng, PowerwayAlloy Engineer, shared the development of Powerway  New Materials to help 5G development with the theme of "Selection and Application of 5G Connector Related Parts".