Powerway Successfully Acquires Berkenhoff GmbH

On 30th Sept, Powerway Group officially acquired 100% of equity of Berkenhoff GmbH, and this marked the Germany enterprise which enjoyed reputation within the industry in Europe and had a history of 120 years officially joined Powerway Group.

Based on the high popularity and customer recognition of Berkenhoff GmbH and its brand of “bedra” within the industry in Europe, the acquisition would create great opportunities for Powerway Group to lift its brand position and continue to strengthen its international position in Europe, and also realize the synergy effect of both Parties in the field of high-end precision electrode wire business.

Ningbo Powerway Alloy Materials Co., Ltd, subordinated to Powerway Group, would unite with Berkenhoff GmbH, and become the international first-class enterprise through cooperation and sharing of technology, brand, channel and management with Berekhoff GmbH.