Powerway Alloy to participate in the 2016 US International Metal & Welding Exhibition

From November 16th to 18th, 2016, Mr. Zhang Ming, President of Powerway Alloy Corporation, took part in the US Metal & Welding Exhibition.

On the same day, the guests of Powerway Alloy  booths were in a constant stream, and the exhibitors organized a series of seminars to introduce new products to new customers and discuss new cooperation intentions with old customers. Director of the International Sales Department of the Strip pision actively talks with the intention customers. There are about five customers who express their intention to the specific products on the first day of the exhibition. The three-day exhibition will collect 19 customers with clear intention.

After the exhibition, the delegation launched a five-day customer visit, more than 1,400 kilometers of travel for the Powerway Alloy continue to promote international marketing, providing a systematic reflection.