Powerway Alloy staff of the general assembly in recognition of advanced, outlook 2017

In the afternoon of February 4, 2017, in the loud noise of the firecrackers, the Budweiser 2017 Staff Conference and the 2016 Excellent Staff Recognition Conference were held in Yinzhou District Hengxi Cultural Center.
From the business department, functional department heads, cultural pacesetters, administrative logistics staff, front-line staff representatives and other nearly 800 employees attended the meeting. The conference was presided over by Yuan Ming, director of human resources at  Powerway Alloy. At the meeting, President Zhang of Powerway Alloy, "To promote enterprise reform, with the spirit of fighting to create first-class enterprises, for the successful completion of the 2017 strategic goals and courageously forward" report.
The meeting first announced the 2016 annual group-level corporate culture pacesetter list, and award-winning pacesetter awards, three pacesetter representative award-winning speech. Deputy General Manager of the board company Chen Kehua, general manager of domestic sales division He Feng, the new alloy wire manufacturing division manufacturing deputy general manager Xiong Chengyi has at the meeting for business performance to reach a statement.
Finally,  President Zhang , an important speech at the meeting, he summed up the results of the 2016 work, clear 2017 goals and tasks. President Zhang stressed at the meeting: we must completely change the ideas, to break the old thinking, old habits, old methods, focus on the target, sort out ideas, To promote enterprise change, to achieve business transformation and upgrading, And promote the rapid development of R & D system and the rapid industrialization of new products, in-depth promotion of the company's employment system reform and cost profit center assessment, improve customer-oriented business mechanism, the implementation of the objectives and performance-oriented Corporate culture, with the spirit of fighting the company to fight the German quality and strong brand of first-class enterprises, with strong core competitiveness, to achieve the company's sustainable development.
At the end of the conference, all winning pacesetters took pictures with the leaders.