Ningbo Qiu Dongyao Mayor and his entourage visit the Powerway

On the afternoon of March 12, 2017, Vice Mayor of Ningbo Municipal Committee and acting mayor Qiu Dongyao went to Powerway  to investigate and study, and Hu Jun, secretary of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Committee and member of Yinzhou District Committee, Wang Jianhe, secretary general of the municipal government, and Chen Guojun, governor of Yinzhou District 
Powerway Group Chairman Xie shicai accompanied the mayor and his entourage visited the product exhibition hall, in the business, research and innovation, product application, the future direction and so made a detailed report. In front of the wall of the prestige of the prestige, Qiu mayor stopped, on the many achievements of the prestige of Powerway watch, frequently praised.
During the visit, Qiu mayor and chairman of the board of many times eager to communicate, when he learned that Powerway 's new materials products also used in the field of military, said: "Now to revitalize the Chinese industry, there is no high-quality industrial materials too Important, and Powerway  materials to meet the requirements of the military field, must make a lot of effort. "Chairman said:" alloy material is industrial grain, we engage in materials industry must ensure that its excellent performance, quality and stability But also our past, now, will continue to adhere to the standard!
At the end of the visit, Qiu said: "Today came to Viagra, see a lot of domestic and even international leading new technology, new materials, you made a great contribution to the Chinese alloy materials, hoping to make persistent efforts to China Industrial transport more and better 'industrial grain'! "