Capital market bullish optimistic about the multi-faceted alloy, innovation-driven model to lead the industry

Sources of information: : China Net, Sohu, Netease, Tencent and other media

On October 27, 2017, PowerwayAlloyNew Product Launch was held in Ningbo, China's first "Made in China 2025" demonstration city in Ningbo. The innovative products released by PowerwayAlloyhave attracted the attention of the capital market due to the multi-spectrum coverage of the industry's hot spots.


In recent years, regardless of policy level or capital market, innovation in the field of new materials are more and more concerned about, and Powerway alloys as the industry leader, a leader in innovation in the field of new materials. Powerway president Zhang Ming introduced to the media: "PowerwayAlloy has always been to 'create value for customers, leading the development of the industry, promoting the progress of the times' as a mission, science and technology progress and product innovation as the core goal of business development, a large number of R & D Funding, long-term rooted in Alloynew material research and development and innovation.

So, this Powerway Alloy to the industry what new breakthroughs?

Powerwayreleased innovative products, multi-spectrum coverage of industry hot spots

At the launch of the new product on October 27, a series of innovations and high-end application new materials products of Powerwaywere unveiled. They are high-strength and high-conductivity high-conductivity Alloywith high transmission of intelligence, new elastic Alloywith new generation of connector materials, Copper alloy, high-end written dedicated new environmentally friendly alloy, green new copper and titanium Alloy and other new materials.

According to the president of PowerwayAlloyZhang Ming introduced to the media: Over the years Powerway Alloy has always adhered to the "high performance, environmental protection, energy saving, functional alternative," as the Alloyof the four R & D direction, the product has been in Shenzhou, Chang'e, Temple and other series Aerospace engineering, as well as more than 30 industries such as shipbuilding, electronic communications, high-speed trains and large-scale integrated circuits, have promoted the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial enterprises and promoted the development of intelligent technologies.

Capital market perspective Powerway Alloy, the drive for innovation-driven model


The new release of Powerway Alloyfurther confirms to some extent the recognition of the capital market for PowerwayAlloyto drive its development model with innovative R & D capability. Earlier, the mainstream securities market institutions on the future performance of Powerway Alloymade optimistic projections and detailed annotations.

1, "new materials + new energy" transformation effect is impressive

In the capital market, Powerway realized its progress from "new material" to "new material + new energy source" last year and completed major assets reorganization and matching financing, adding an international new energy sector. Its main products range from "new Materials "advanced to" new materials + international new energy ", struggling in the domestic manufacturing transformation of the moment, achieved dazzling results.

2, R & D and innovation ability to lead the industry, highly concerned by the capital market

R & D capabilities of enterprises has always been one of the key observation points hidden in the capital markets, and in the securities company's perspective, Powerway is a leader in research and development of non-ferrous alloys, its gross profit margin leader in the industry. As Zhang Ming, president of Powerway Alloy, said in an interview with the media: "We are guided by 'science and technology innovation, leading the future', according to the needs of customers and the future development of new products for social needs, and leading enterprises from all walks of life and the global 500 Strong corporate research and development, to enhance customer competitiveness, through strategic cooperation, continue to introduce new products to achieve a sustainable win-win situation in the future.

Market analysis, in recent years, companies continue to enhance their own research and development capabilities, to develop a large number of functions and new materials to meet future high-end needs, environmental protection, new materials, the results are gradually emerging. With the continuous optimization of product structure of Alloymaterials, the company's performance has entered a period of rapid growth.

3, the international layout enhance capital market confidence

The international layout of the industry is an important criterion for determining the development potential of an enterprise. From the overseas layout of Powerway in recent years, a number of domestic securities companies judged the following conclusions: Whether it is a subsidiary of Powerway rooted in Vietnam, or Powerway Alloy set up sales companies in Europe and the United States, open up international sales channels and the securities market It is generally expected that the performance of Powerway will grow steadily.

4, high-end production capacity to maintain a steady development

The bottleneck of production capacity of high-end innovative products can be overcome, which is a problem that China's manufacturing industry often encounters. At this point, the capital markets observed that new capacity actually injected a much stronger momentum into Powerway. It can be seen, Powerway's "new materials", "International New Energy" capacity expansion go hand in hand, contribute impressive performance.

Footnotes the future: to create a leader in the development of the industry

Powerway as a benchmark for new material manufacturing industry, has always followed the specific path advanced by the state for manufacturing upgrading. This is not only reflected in its high-density and high-quality release of innovative high-end Alloymaterial products, "Also coincides with the evaluation of the optimistic and positive mode of development of the capital market.

Powerway chairman Xie Shicai informed the media, said: "We have a clear Powerway strategic objectives, first of all continue to meet the scientific and technological progress and social development. We focus on product development for the future development of many leading companies continue to develop new materials and products to meet Their new needs, enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, and promote the upgrading of the development of modern manufacturing industry.I believe in a year or two, we through the manufacturing reform and rigorous management, and make products like Germany.We adhere to product innovation, to Uninterrupted development of new products to meet scientific and technological progress and social development, and ultimately to achieve world-class brand, creating a world-class enterprises. "

This is perhaps the best footnote for Powerwayas an innovative company that is making its own business and social mission.