Interview PowerwayAlloy chairman Xie Shicai: create for the Chinese world-class brand

Sources of information: : CCTV, China Net and other media

As a Chinese-made leader in new materials field, PowerwayMetal once again aroused the world's manufacturing industry chain, intensive attention.


On October 27, 2017, PowerwayAlloyNew Product Launch was held in Ningbo, China's first "Made in China 2025" demonstration city in Ningbo. Materials are the foundation and precursor of modern high-tech industries and an important "ladder" for Chinese manufacturing to upgrade to high-end. Every breakthrough affects the nerve of the industrial chain. The release of a large number of new materials and new products, so that people of the future of Powerw ayalloys, as well as the future of China is full of longing. Here, the media made an exclusive interview with Powerway Metals' chairman Xie Shicai, and carried out a detailed interpretation from the future of the company to the future of the industry.

Building a world-class brand, creating a world-class business is Powerway's mission

Reporter: In the face of the future industrial structure, what are the strategic goals and paths for Powerwayto have in the future?

Thanks knowledge: Powerway opened a strategic meeting in August, our strategic goal is clear.

First, on the aspect of soft power, we set a set of scientific and practical enterprise management system and informationization with Powerwaycharacteristics through continuous improvement and constant revision with the goal of high efficiency and standardized control in management innovation. Management system. Over the years, we have borrowed and absorbed the management concepts and experiences of German companies. Based on Powerway's actual conditions, we applied the German management system to all aspects of corporate management and carried out continuous changes and innovations to continuously improve our management.

Second, in terms of hard power, we are going from standardization to automation, and from automation to intelligent upgrade path, we can certainly achieve the goal of intelligence.

The third is product innovation. Powerway innovative products for the future of science and social development, for leading enterprises and the world top 500 and many other leading enterprises continue to develop new products to meet the progress of science and technology and social progress.

Fourth, the debt ratio of Powerway is very low. We will look for good targets in the world to conduct mergers and acquisitions and integrate them with brands, management and technical cooperation. Ultimately we want to create a world-class brand, creating world-class enterprises, this is our mission, but also our goal.

"Five Adhere to" consolidate the foundation for the future development of Powerway

Reporter: It can be said that to create a world-class brand is a dream of many Chinese manufacturers, specifically, the next 5 years, Gateway to build a world-class brand's end?

Thanks to know: the next 5 years, we will strictly follow the corporate mission, the Powerway fight into a leading global non-ferrous Alloymaterials industry leader. Specifically, Powerwaywill do five insistence:

First, adhere to honesty, to create a century-old integrity of enterprises. We will further construct a meticulous and efficient customer service system to meet the potential needs and desires of the industry and leading customers. To meet the needs of customers is to satisfy our own service concept, operate with integrity, and strictly abide by our commitments to comprehensively enhance the service satisfaction of our customers. In the meantime, on the construction of a social credit system, we will continue to perform our duties, implement the principle of good faith and do a good job benchmarking and exemplary social credit.

The second is to adhere to the innovation as the soul, to create the most value for customers. Our future technological innovation, closely around the customer's desire, continue to meet customer demand for products, to help customers reduce costs, energy saving, providing environmentally friendly, cost-effective all types of new materials and new products, and comprehensively enhance customer Competitiveness. In management innovation, we will continue to learn from the management experience of existing German enterprises, increase investment in technological innovation, further increase efforts to promote automation, informatization and intellectualization, enhance advanced manufacturing capabilities and create maximum value for customers .

Third, continue to invest, speed up the pace of business bigger and bigger. We will focus on the platform of listed companies, bigger and stronger our industry, so that we Powerway modern intelligent manufacturing. In addition, our specialized investment team will closely focus on the strategic goals of Powerway look for cooperation targets in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States in particular, and consolidate all kinds of advantageous resources through capital operation such as mergers and acquisitions, Large, enabling enterprises to lead the international industry and achieve sustainable development.


Fourth, insist on cultivating a good corporate culture, continue to maintain the vitality of enterprises. We will continue to deeply promote our values, advocate the concept of lifelong learning, create a learning organization, continuously improve the quality of employees and reflect the value of our employees. At the same time, we will strictly follow the employment mechanism with both moral integrity and fairness, fair competition, lifelong education mechanism, and introduce and cultivate first-class talent team so as to ensure the realization of the goal of a world-class enterprise.

Fifth, insist on repaying the society and realizing our social values. We continue to adhere to the tripartite win-win situation of building the natural environment, humane care, and social relations to embody social values. To make a better society and make unremitting efforts.

Future prospects of the industry for the Chinese manufacturing enterprises have brought tremendous room for development

Reporter: The rise of enterprises can not do without the trend of industrial development, how do you think of the non-ferrous metal industry in the future trends and trends?

Thanks knowledge: non-ferrous metal is the grain of industrial enterprises, because new technology materials is the basic material for the development of science and technology, so the non-ferrous metal industry in the future there is room for development.

In the face of this industrial environment, Powerway's strategic structure is clear. Powerway attaches great importance to cutting-edge industries such as smart robots, new energy vehicles, large-scale integrated circuits and electronic communications. There are a large number of issues under study. And we are working with the rest of the world to collaborate with many universities and research institutes around the world to meet the new material needs of the world's leading companies and to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese companies.

We have a clear Powerwaystrategic goals, first of all continue to meet the scientific and technological progress and social development. We are committed to product innovation for future growth, constantly developing new materials and products for many of our leading companies to meet their new needs, enhancing the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and promoting the upgrading of modern industrial manufacturing. I believe in a year or two, we will make the same product as Germany through manufacturing reform and rigorous management. We insist on product innovation, we must continue to develop new products to meet the scientific and technological progress and social development, and ultimately to achieve world-class brand, creating world-class enterprises.