Powerway Alloy high-end applications lead the Chinese-made high-end trend

Sources of information: : China Network, China Economic News Network, Sina, Sohu

Although the "Made in China 2025" program has a thousand words, the fundamental goal is to promote the development of China in the middle and high-end industries and to change the situation of "big but not strong" in China's manufacturing industry.


In particular, the new material industry, which is the basis for upgrading the manufacturing industry, is the foundation and precursor of modern high-tech industries. It is also an important "staircase" for the upgrading of manufacturing in China and is an important symbol of the non-ferrous metal industry powerhouse. Non-ferrous metal materials not only have a wide range of applications in the traditional fields, but also play an irreplaceable role in such cutting-edge engineering as aerospace, marine, biological, energy and electronic information.

On October 27, 2017, the launch of a new product launch by PowerwayAlloyCo., Ltd., a leader in China's new materials industry, attracted a great deal of attention. The advent of a series of new Alloymaterials for technological innovation and high-end applications has given people a strong feeling of strong Chinese-made upgrades to high- trend.

Powerway high-end application of new materials breakthrough, triggering a comprehensive attention to the industrial chain

Powerwayalloy, for many Chinese manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies are no stranger to lead the rapid development of China's non-ferrous Alloymaterials industry, Powerway alloys has always played a leading role in the industry.

Powerway President Zhang Ming introduced to the media: Powerway's new materials products have been successfully used in the Shenzhou, Chang'e, Temple series of aerospace engineering, and shipbuilding, telecommunications, high-speed trains, automobile manufacturing, and VLSI 30 The extensive application of multiple industries has promoted the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial enterprises and promoted the development of intelligent technologies.

The release of PowerwayAlloy products attracted more than 270 customer representatives, including many of the world's top 500 enterprises and industry leading companies. During the period, the innovative Alloymaterials that attracted great attention from the industry included the following aspects:

Intelligent interconnection of high transmission of high strength and high conductivity alloy: to meet the future global electronics, communications, intelligent terminals and other industries more current, smaller size, higher transmission speed, long-term plug and pull stability can not loose, low temperature rise of product design material Request. Provides high-end material solutions for applications such as worldwide 5G communications, high-speed messaging, smart cars, high-speed backplane connectors and more.


A new generation of connector materials New elastic alloy: In the global trend of miniaturization of electronic devices, more and more integrated to meet the material conductivity, elastic stability requirements are getting higher and higher, but also from the perspective of social resources To reach the cost does not increase. The Alloymaterial has been promoted to enhance the overall performance to match the future use of terminal upgrade products. It not only saves resources for society, but also creates value for customers and enhances competitiveness.

Health and environmental protection High-strength beryllium-free copper Alloyfield: After years of research and development and breakthrough of Powerway alloy, we have completed the research of three high-performance non-beryllium copper Alloyrod and wire products. The high-beryllium-free Alloynot only realizes people's demand for healthy living, And to meet the needs of environment-friendly. Its performance and beryllium copper comparable to the relevant industry to replace the beryllium copper requirements, completely solve the terminal application needs. At present, there are two non-beryllium alloys in the company which have been supplied to the market in batches and have won unanimous appreciation from users. Another Alloywill also be quickly supplied to the market in the near future to meet the fervent expectations of the vast majority of users.

High-end written dedicated new environmentally friendly alloy: PowerwayAlloysuccessfully solved the Premier Li Keqiang concern in recent years, domestic high-end ballpoint pen writing fluid Alloywriting head material problems, but also to ensure that the pen ball head Alloymaterial of cutting, toughness, wear Sex, corrosion resistance, uniformity guarantee under the premise of the environmental aspects of the material has also been further research, has made new breakthroughs.

Powerway Alloy original written high-end Alloymaterials have been widely used in the international market, in order to meet the social development, to meet the environmental protection and health needs, this launch of a new environmentally friendly written alloy, will be on the market next year. By then, the company related new products in the written industry will be in the global industry-leading position.

New copper and titanium alloy: Powerway Alloybreakthrough, allowing users to select in the past the high tensile strength, high elasticity, high hardness limited beryllium copper situation has been improved, but also a new choice, and the new material Green, without the need for heat treatment after processing, so that users in the use of safer, more efficient, to meet the electronics and communications equipment industry for a wide range of high-end Alloymaterial needs.

In the new release, Zhang Ming, president of Powerway Alloy, told the media: "Our innovation first comes from our historical mission, which is to lead the development of the industry. Since we want to lead the development of the industry, the core is innovation-based innovation is our value In addition, our innovation comes from the market insight, because our customer base, is the industry's leading enterprises and the world's top 500 enterprises, through their cooperation, we know also understand their products and needs, we In addition, our research and development has more than 20 years of history. In this historical process, we have integrated top technology experts from many countries in the United States, Japan and Germany to develop with us. "

China made high-end applications continue to break through the "PowerwayExperience"

At the high-end R & D innovation has been at the forefront of the world Powerwayalloy, why continue to be a breakthrough in high-end applications? One of the "Powerwayexperience" triggered a strong media attention.

Powerway chairman Xie Shicai informed reporters before accepting reporters: "We have a clear Powerway strategic goals, first of all continue to meet the scientific and technological progress and social development. We focus on product development for the future development of many leading companies continue to develop new materials Products to meet their new needs and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises to promote the upgrading of modern industrial manufacturing development.I believe that in one or two years we make the same products and Germany through manufacturing reform and strict management.We adhere to the product Innovation, we must continue to develop new products to meet scientific and technological progress and social development, and ultimately to achieve world-class brand, creating world-class enterprises. "

It should be said that Powerway new breakthroughs in the field of high-end applications of new materials, as well as the experience behind them, is a precious wealth of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, not only for its own development has opened up tremendous room for development, but also lead China to high-end Upgrading the trend of the times.