Party special investigation team to investigate

On December 1, 2017, Huang Zhengqiang, deputy secretary of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and his party accompanied Zhu Zhijian, deputy secretary of the two new work committees of the Municipal Organization Department, to the group to conduct a comprehensive understanding and in-depth investigation of the party building in the two new organizations.

The investigation team listened to the introduction of the enterprise development and party building work and fully affirmed the group's philosophy of focusing on scientific and technological innovation, insisting on the leading of the industry, and the combination of party building and corporate culture. Secretary Huang stressed that in the process of enterprise production and development, the party's organizational construction and enterprise production and management should mutually promote and cooperate with each other, combine characteristics with reality, create distinctive features and show bright spots, and provide strong support for the rapid development of enterprises. In daily work, it is necessary to give full play to the party's role as a fighting bastion and an exemplary vanguard role for party members. Party members set the benchmark among employees and organize and guide them so as to enhance the cohesion and appeal of the party organization and promote the healthy development of the two new organizations .