Powerway successfully held Dr. Tang outbound review

On the morning of November 28, 2017, Dr. Tang, a postdoctoral workstation at the Powerway, held an outreaching appraisal meeting in Poerway Building. This appraisal invited many experts and professors from Central South University, Ningbo University, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, As well as Yinzhou District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau related leaders attended the assessment meeting and the formation of assessment team. 


At the review meeting, the assessment team listened attentively to Dr. Tang's outbound report titled "Tissue Control and Performance Optimization of Environmental-friendly Zinc Alloy." In the face of a series of questions raised by experts, Dr. Tang answered the questions one by one. Based on the achievements of Dr. Tang for more than two years and achievements in scientific research, Dr. Tang voted unanimously that Dr. Tang has met the requirements of postdoctoral fellowship and the examination level is excellent.

It is reported that Powerway not only established a post-doctoral research station, but also with the post-doctoral mobile station to establish a good relationship of cooperation and post-doctoral research has provided good conditions and life support, co-mentor and post-doctoral satisfaction. Postdoctoral scientific research work for the improvement of technological capabilities of enterprises to provide an important support, driven by the post-doctoral workstations, enterprises were awarded the key enterprises in Zhejiang Province Research Institute, the provincial-level innovative demonstration enterprises, technological innovation team selected key enterprises in Zhejiang Province Technology Innovation team and Ningbo City enterprise technology innovation team.