Carrier Rocket

High-strength and High-Elasticity Alloy Materials

Adopting strict military standards and a specialized process control, such alloy materials have superior performance and are a Chinese industry leader. These materials have been successfully used in the Shenzhou Spacecraft Series 1 through 11 and are widely employed for high-end use in the military industry, for electronics & telecommunications, and the aerospace and defense industries.

Aerospace and Aviation

High-strength And High-elastic Alloy Materials

This kind of products adopt the standards of aerospace and aviation and its proprietary process control, and product performance is outstanding, satisfy the using demand of the harsh environments in the aerospace, and the relative innovation is also the most advanced in China.
This kind of alloy materials have been successfully used in Chang e moon probes No.1-2, and the Tiangong 1-2 and other ancillary items. Widely used in some high-end fields such as military, electronics and telecommunications components, significantly contribute to the development of Chinese aerospace and aviation industry.

High Speed Train

High Strength and High Conductivity Alloy Materials

With exclusive and proprietary Boron and impurity control technologies, Powerway has improved the high temperature conductivity in making alloys to the point where it is now clearly the industry leader.
Such alloy materials are primarily used in making high-power traction motor guides, for high-speed railways, and wind power generation.

Electronic Telecommunication

High-strength and High-conductivity Tin Copper Alloy Materials

These alloy materials are widely used in laptops, high-end acoustics, and 4G communication, electronic, and high-end video medical equipment, among other applications. They meet the ever-changing demands in fields as varied as IT, electronics, telecommunications and electrical appliances.

Shipbuilding Industry

Multiple Complex Aluminum Bronze Alloy Materials

By adopting strict European standards for production and QC, Powerway Aluminum-Bronze alloys have reached a high level of performance and are widely used to make high-strength, long-lasting components for aerospace, military, ship-building, high-speed railway and automobile uses, among many others.

Automobile Manufacturing

High-strength, High-conductivity, and High-softening point, Temperature-Resistant Chromium-Zirconium-Copper Alloy Materials

Solely through in-house technical innovation, these materials have won Powerway a Chinese invention patent and are used as an import substitute by leading global manufacturing companies to break technological barriers.
Exacting and systematic process control and adherence to quality standards means a reliability of both output and delivery for these products, which are ideal for making electrodes or circuit breakers, for high-pressure switch welding, or for continuous crystallization in the metallurgical industry. As such they are widely used in aerospace, nuclear energy, high-speed railway, automobile, household electric appliance, electronics, telecommunications, metallurgical and plastic injection mould fields.

Engineering Machinery

High Wear-resistant Multiple Complex Manganese-Brass Alloy Materials

Powerway has a Chinese invention patent (ZL200710066947.2) for these alloys, commonly used to make core components such as auto synchronizer rings, turbo chargers, shaft sleeves, and more for automobile, hydraulic, and machinery use. These materials were successfully applied on China’s first aircraft carrier, the “Liaoning.”

High-end Pens

Environment-friendly Free Cutting Nickel-Silver Alloys

Powerway independently developed these alloys, which are under patent. They are broadly employed to produce high-end ballpoint pens and accessories for high-end spectacles, clocks & watches.

Solar Power Stations

Single Crystal Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon and Battery Pack

Boviet development of innovative solar-powered monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cell and solar module, are widely used in industrial and domestic solar power station, provides industry-leading solar solutions for customers around the world, with its innovative technology, to create unlimited green energy for the benefit of mankind.

Household and Commercial Rooftop solar

Monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and battery pack

Boviet’s leading technology innovation and active promotion of the new energy revolution is evidenced by efforts to speed application of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) technology for both consumer and commercial use, both urban and rural. This has led to measurable environmental and economic benefit which is increasing over time.

Solar Power Stations

Single Crystal Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon and Related Battery Packs

Boviet develop and innovative solar-powered monocrystalline and the polycrystalline solar cell and the battery pack, and are widely used in the industrial and civil power stations. Moreover, it also provides the advanced solutions of solar energy to the global customers for the promotion of green energy and human benefits by means of the technology innovation.

Household Rooftop solar

Monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and battery pack

Boviet with leading technological innovation, and actively promote the new energy revolution, to speed up the application of family rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) technology in the field of urban and rural construction, to achieve the long-term social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits.