New Energy

New Energy

Boviet Solar Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2013, is the largest solar photovoltaic products manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam. Located in Bắc Giang Province, the company focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of new energy products, photovoltaic cells, and related components.

Boviet is able to tap the vast resources and technologies of parent company Powerway Group, such as “Nanometer-texturing” and “back battery passivation” technologies for silicon cells, module energy conversion efficiencies, and substantial product quality upgrading to enable high-productivity solar manufacturing. Boviet amorphous silicon solar cell and module R&D, production capacity, and product range are at the highest international level.

Boviet is growing quickly, with sales agencies in the USA and Germany and established strategic cooperation with a number of valued customers worldwide. It has in fact already become a top-choice in the United States market, noted for items of excellent reliability, function, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


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Boviet Solar Technology Co., Ltd

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Production Base:B5-B6 District, Shuangxi Neihuang, Beijiang City, Beijiang Province, Vietnam



Marketing Center: No. 1777, East Yinzhou Avenue, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Ningbo Province



Boviet Solar USA Ltd.

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Tel: +1(877)253-2858