Capital Cooperation

Investment Operation

Shared investment is an important element in Powerway Alloy’s development and market strategy. We are committed to sustainable yet substantive growth not just in size and product range, but also in the quality and effectiveness of the solutions we offer our valued clients and their customers. In constant pursuit of those goals we seek out like-minded, top-flight cooperators and partners around the world with whom we can experience synergies through mutual investment.

This means not only a fiscal synergy, but one of talents, technology, and management prowess as well. Internally, core competencies are clustered into the Group’s Strategic Business Units (SBUs), but with outward or joint inward investments a similar notion would be leveraged. Working with domestic and international investment banks, funds, and securities, law and accounting firms, our eyes are fixed on a future we imagine, with global corporate partners we have yet to meet, to pursue market opportunities that are yet to arrive.

Dept. of Investment of Ningbo Powerway Alloy Material Co.,Ltd.

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