New Materials

Powerway Alloy’s new material segment is market-oriented and closely connected with many Fortune 500 clients. Within the new non-ferrous alloy material field, the company performs in-depth market research and constantly develops high-performance, high-precision and distinctive materials to best meet ever-changing customer demand.

For many years, the new material industry of the company has been developing the products as follows:

High-performance alloy material :

High-performance alloy material developed by Powerway are widely used in aerospace (Shenzhou Series No. 1 through 11 Chang’e Detectors No. 1 & 2, and Tiangong No. 1 & 2 aircraft), high-speed trains, telecommunication, shipbuilding, automotive, electronic instrumentation, etc

Lead-free, free-cut brass series alloy products:

Lead-free, free-cut brass series alloy products developed by Powerway have gained one American and seven Chinese invention patents. Non-toxic and harmless, these items have been applied to potable water, food, machinery, and so forth while promoting social sustainable development, environmental protection and human health.

high-efficiency and energy-saving alloy materials:

Through R&D innovation, Powerway high-efficiency and energy-saving alloy materials realize low electrical and heat conductivity, for remarkable energy conservation through reduced consumption. They are widely used for various energy-saving valves and adapter, and for related modules that avoid loss of heat or other energy.

Non-ferrous Ti-Zr-Zn alloy substitute materials:

Non-ferrous Ti-Zr-Zn alloy substitute materials have been independently developed by Powerway to save energy and mitigate end-user cost. The firm has been granted six Chinese invention patents for this technology, which is widely used in telecommunication, electrical accessories, hardware & sanitary-ware operation, home decoration, locksets, and for many other applications. Non-ferrous alloy substitute material reduces production costs, saves natural resources and promotes sustainable development.


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